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The basic criteria of an award-winning program are:
  • Sustained excellence over the preceding four to six years, as documented by specific outcomes and achievements, and evidenced by continual improvements in the basic components of a comprehensive program;
  • Demonstrated improvements in planning, managing and evaluating a comprehensive program;
  • Innovative and effective use of program methods and problem solving to identify and reduce risk factors that are known to cause foodborne illness; and
  • Providing targeted outreach; forming partnerships; and participating in forums that foster communication and information exchange among the regulators, industry and consumer representatives.
Applications are reviewed by the jury to determine whether a program meets – or exceeds – these basic criteria, then determines which is worthy of that year’s Crumbine Award.

Entry Guidelines and Deadline
The deadline for submission is March 15, 2018. View the 2018 award guidelines.  

Award Criteria and Judging